1. What is LaLaLand?

  2. What is Finding LaLaLand?

  3. Why do I need to pay?

  4. What is the procedure to start?

Step 1: Create an account by Join-Up. Confirmation link is sent your given email Id.

Step 2: Enter your team name and team members details (like Name, age, phone number)

Step 3: Join the quest by paying Rs.499

Step 4: You will get access to the activities list.

Step 5: choose your first challenge, execute and upload. 

Step 6: there are 3 types of upload option is provided. ( text, image, video)

Step 7: Then submit.

  1. Can I change the Team Name?

  2. Can I change team members?

  3. Can add or remove team members?

  4. Can I upload the file again if in case of wrong upload earlier? 

  5. What is the age minimum and maximum age limit?

  6. What to do in case of payment failure? 

  7. Do I need wifi or mobile data to use?

  8. Is there any timeline for uploading the task or challenge file?

  9. Do I need to upload all the daily challenges in one go or I can upload single?

  10. What is the maximum size for video and image upload? Max video size is 60 sec only!

  11. What time do I need to upload the task files?

  12. What if I disagree with the process of judging?

  13. When & how I see the score?

  14. Can I quit the challenge from any stage? Do I get a refund?

  15. What if I don’t do all daily challenges?

  16. Am I eligible to do next day challenge, if I missed the previous day one?